New project: Windows 8 Briefing

The Windows 8 Briefing project is a website which promotes a conference held by Microsoft. The topic of this conference is Windows 8.

Besides the information about conference, this website has an additional purpose. People who were invited to this conference, received special codes. On the website they can confirm their attendance using these codes. Additionaly, after registering a code, they take a short quiz. The fastest people in providing correct answers will win a Samsung tablet.

New projects in portfolio

I have updated the projects list in portfolio page. Added projects include Teniqo and Ratium. Please take a look.


Taking advantage of a free evening I rewritten the websites' code in HTML5 :)

I arrived at GitHub

I decided to register myself at GitHub. I started setting up 3 repositories, where I will place some of my useful PHP and Javascript functions and also some helpers for Kohana framework.

The code in my GitHub repositories is a part of code which I use in my everyday work and I find it useful. You will find it all in my repositories and You can use it following the attached licences. I hope that You will find my code useful :)

Stopped working at GoldenSubmarine, time for freelacing

Everything has an end. The same happend to my work at GoldenSubmarine interactive agency. I've become a freelancer! :)

I have spent the last 4 years working for GoldenSubmarine. At first I was hired as a programmer and later as a senior programmer, leading a team of programmers. I learnt the workflow in an interactive agency and managing a project with many people involved. I also learnt to work on a projects for big, iternational companies and corporations.

As I mentioned in the beginning - everything has an end. The same happened to my work at GoldemSubmarine. Our roads have separated in July 2011 as I decided to become a full time freelancer. I always liked to be a boss for myself and have more influence in decision-making. So everything went good for me. As a freelancer I will be making progress to my own company - Codeco. I decided to design and develop a new version of my portfolio as a sign of upcoming changes.

My portfolio was waiting a long time for a redesign which would bring some freshness. The project was made by myself, including the design. The website takes advantage of jQuery and a few innovations from CSS3. I focused on creating a clean, minimalistic experience so I decided not to place too many visual effects or jQuery/CSS3 animations and features. One idea that I am proud of (as I haven't seen it on any other portfolio before) is the live notification of what I'm doing right now, which I believe it makes the user feel that I am living person behind the bunch of code and files used on this site. This notification displays what I'm publishing on my Twitter profile and what song am I listening to on at this exact time.

I hope that You will enjoy taking a look at my new portfolio :)